[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ windows service fails to start (distribution name conflict?)

Øyvind Tjervaag oyvind at tjervaag.com
Thu Oct 21 17:11:43 BST 2010


I'm having some trouble with a 2.0.0 rabbitmq install. It's running as a windows service and on a couple of occasions it has failed to start (most recent after an apparent windows update and restart).

When I try to start the service, i get a message in my windows event log: "Erlang machine stopped instantly (distribution name conflict?)". Don't know if it is the hostname it is complaining about (.. is that even the same as the nodename?), but the hostname has not changed when this happens.

Removing and reinstalling the service solves the problem, and enables me to start the service, but I obviously can't rely on that every time the machine restarts (don't know if this happens on _every_ restart, but that was the case earlier today at least...).

Help? :)


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