[rabbitmq-discuss] Release of HA + Pacemaker guide

Byron Albert Byron.Albert at dealer.com
Mon Oct 25 23:21:11 BST 2010

Hello All,

 I am new to the list and had some questions about the HA guide. I don't really know pacemaker and was looking through the docs and was wondering how/if this configuration is checking if rabbit app is alive or just if the server is alive?  Is it doing any functional test? Or is the only real situation this recovers from is if the server fails?  Is its not doing any functional testing is there any way to add logic to do functional tests and try and restart if there is an issue then fail over?

And on a different but related note would NFS or OCFS2 work for the file system that rabbit is using? What would happen if multiple rabbits were accessing the files at the same time?


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