[rabbitmq-discuss] Status of C client libraries

David Wragg david at rabbitmq.com
Sat Oct 23 11:23:37 BST 2010

Hi Olivier,

Olivier Pernet <omp08 at doc.ic.ac.uk> writes:
> I need to use RabbitMQ from OCaml, and since I can't find any OCaml
> AMQP client libraries, I'm planning to use the OCaml FFI to wrap one
> of the C libraries. I found two C libraries with recent activity: the
> "experimental" one from Rabbit (http://hg.rabbitmq.com/rabbitmq-c/),
> and the one at http://github.com/dg1sbg/librabbitmq.
> Which one would you recommend me to use?

You should probably use rabbitmq-c.

<http://github.com/dg1sbg/librabbitmq> contains Frank Goenninger's work
on porting our rabbitmq-c client to build under Visual Studio.  We are
in the process of updating the main rabbitmq-c repo so that it can also
build with the Microsoft toolchain, and produce a DLL to be used from
Visual Studio.  So if your primary platform today is MS Visual Studio,
then you face a choice between the two.  Otherwise, you should just go
with rabbitmq-c.

rabbitmq-c is experimental in the sense that is is not currently at the
same level of maturity as the Java and .NET clients that we release
alongside our broken.  It is our intention that rabbitmq-c will graduate
to officially-supported status at some point.  But there will be some
API changes along the way.

With that said, rabbitmq-c is already widely used, and we're not aware
of bugs in it.


David Wragg
Staff Engineer, RabbitMQ
SpringSource, a division of VMware

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