[rabbitmq-discuss] Warnings on server startup

Lars Wilhelmsen larsw at kredinor.no
Fri Oct 15 12:47:30 BST 2010

Thanks David - I'll give it a try!


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Hi Lars,

Lars Wilhelmsen <larsw at kredinor.no> writes:
> I'm a RabbitMQ newbie with a fresh Erlang ( and RabbitMQ
> (2.1.0) installation on my Win7-64 laptop.
> When I start the server with rabbitmq-server.bat, it reports:
> *WARNING* rabbit: Object code (delegate) out of date [...]
> *WARNING* rabbit: Object code (worker_pool_sup) out of date
> What do I have to do to resolve these warnings?

I think these warnings result from you having erlang object code files (.beam files) and erlang source code files (.erl files), and erlang noticing that the source code files have been modified after the corresponding object code files, therefore the object code files are out of date.

I'm not sure what might have led up to this situation occuring for you - it doesn't seem to have been reported before.  But deleting the source files in rabbitmq_server-2.1.0\src should fix it - they are not required for rabbitmq-server to function.

> Can it be that
> RabbitMQ was built against an earlier version of Erlang (5.8.1
> perhaps) and because of that it reports the warnings?

We always build RabbitMQ releases with quite an old version of erlang anyway, in order to be able to run on a wide range of erlang releases.


David Wragg
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