[rabbitmq-discuss] I have a question about disc nodes..

Pedram Nimreezi mc at majorcomputing.com
Mon Oct 4 16:48:47 BST 2010

I have setup a cluster with 2 disc nodes and 1 or more ram nodes,

I create a durable exchange and a durable queue

I check the list_queues, list_bindings command on each server and it works.

If i take down the first disc node all the queues disappear...

Is this normal?  how can i make the queue persist if at least 1 disc node is

I don't care if i lose the messages from the server that failed, but I can't
let the queues just disappear..

I'm routing to a direct topic bound to queues using routing keys under the
same name..

The list_exchanges still shows the exchange, but the queues are missing as
soon as disc node1 is brought down..

regadless if ram nodes or another disc node is up...  Please advise..

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