[rabbitmq-discuss] Shutdown Listener on Java Client API

Dave Greggory davegreggory at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 3 19:09:18 BST 2010

We upgraded our production nodes to 2.0 last night. Client were still on the 
1.8.1 java client API. This happened again this morning starting around 9:51 AM 
until 2:00 PM, when I decided to re-start the client (message producer).  Since 
the "alleged" connection loss (or blocked connection) went undetected by the 
shutDownListener for over 4 hours, maybe it might be the client API.

We will eventually upgrade clients to 2.0 API as well, but there's a  dependency 
on Spring AMQP there, so will wait for the next milestone  build of that. 

Of course, we haven't setup the AMQP heartbeats as you originally recommended, 
plan to do so in our next release. Hoping that will help, but thought I'd give 
you an update that it happened with 2.0 broker as well.


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