[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-jsonrpc "shortcut" HTTP calls?

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue May 25 08:48:05 BST 2010


Ivan Delchev wrote:
> Hi Tony, any thoughts for the future about optimizing the HTTP
> adapter? Some thoughs were listed previously in this thread but never
> got any reply..

Apologies for the delay. We have been rather busy and the HTTP adapter 
isn't particularly high on our priority list ...

>> 1. Combine the "system.describe" calls to /rpc/rabbitmq and
>> /rpc/{service_hash}. Return a different hash in the "name" parameter
>> if the URL is already in use, otherwise return the same.  Thus the 2
>> "system.describe" calls can become 1.

Sounds plausible.

>> 2. Bundle calls that do not depend on each other in one call - e.g by
>> providing an array of method calls, that should be executed in the
>> same order.
>> If no anonymous declarations are used, this should be acceptable:

Actually that works for anonymous declarations too, thanks to AMQP's 
"most recently declared queue" feature that allows methods following an 
anonymous declaration to refer to the queue by an empty name.

>> That should be possible and I think and will save quite some HTTP
>> roundtrips. If you provide the server-side I can try to deliver the
>> javascript client :)

I doubt we will have time to work on this any time soon. Perhaps you 
could submit patches for both the client and server side?



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