[rabbitmq-discuss] Startup errors redux

Sam Odio so at facebook.com
Fri May 21 10:08:49 BST 2010

On May 21, 2010, at 1:46 AM, Matthew Sackman wrote:
> On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 08:18:55AM +0100, David Wragg wrote:
>> This suggests you have an old version of erlang (prior to R11B5, which
>> is the earliest 1.7.2 supports).  How did you install erlang, and
>> which version is it?
> http://erlang.org/documentation.html says 5.5.2 is R11B2 which is
> ancient. As David says, 1.7.2 will not run on anything older than R11B5,
> and future releases demand at least R12B3 (this is already the case if
> you're compiling from source).

Thanks.  Got it to work by compiling the latest erlang from source.


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