[rabbitmq-discuss] Firewall Issues

Kenneth Loafman kenneth at loafman.com
Wed May 12 14:56:41 BST 2010

Matthias Radestock wrote:
> Kenneth,
> Kenneth Loafman wrote:
>> P1 and P2 both connect to MQ, there are no connections from MQ to Px.
>> MQ collects data from the web and queues it to the Px instances.  We're
>> using Python Carrot for access, which is based on amqplib.
>> Most of the data flows from MQ to Px, however some status and alert data
>> flows from Px to MQ for queuing to other processes.
> When you attempt to connect from P2, does the connection show up in the
> rabbit.log? There should be messages like
> INFO REPORT==== 10-May-2010::18:27:25 ===
> accepted TCP connection on from <P2-ip-addr>:38557
> =INFO REPORT==== 10-May-2010::18:27:25 ===
> starting TCP connection <0.13252.0> from <P2-ip-addr>:38557
> Does connecting to port 5672 on MQ from Px using something like 'telnet'
> work?

Got it fixed, and it was a firewall problem on my end.  P2, the system
that was unable to connect, did not have the same access rules as P1.
And yes, the only port I needed to have open was 5672.


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