[rabbitmq-discuss] Unofficial guide to AMQP 1.0 PR3

Rafael Schloming rafaels at redhat.com
Fri May 7 14:00:41 BST 2010

Alexis Richardson wrote:
> Davorin
> On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 7:16 AM, Davorin Rusevljan
> <davorin.rusevljan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This of course raises the question should I invest my time in learning 0.8
>> and products that use it, or try to jump the wagon of 1.0.
>> What would you say, in what state is 1.0 specs is it about to be published
>> soon, and what are the plans for RabbitMQ support for it?
> The easiest path is to learn 0-8 or 0-91 which is very similar and better.

I would differ with this slightly. Obviously if you need a production 
quality solution immediately, then you need to evaluate what projects 
and/or vendors offer right now, however I don't know if diving into a 
specification targeted at implementors is the best way to do that. Most 
likely you'll need to decide based on what features you need and 
whether/how they are exposed by the various implementations.

On the other hand if you're interest does lie in the specification, the 
1-0 document is specifically intended *not* to require any knowledge of 
prior versions to comprehend, and in some cases familiarity with older 
versions can even result in some confusion, although Michael's 
unofficial guide certainly helps with that.

Either way, we could definitely use feedback from people who are reading 
the 1-0 version of the document with fresh eyes that are not weighed 
down by the baggage from earlier versions of the spec. So if you have a 
few hours to spare, any comments would be greatly appreciated, although 
due to the lack of production ready implementations, this may be as much 
for the benefit of the working group as it is for you in the short term.


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