[rabbitmq-discuss] socket read timeout in rabbitmq-c

alex chen chen650 at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 01:44:11 BST 2010

thanks Scott for the suggestion!  We actually use amqp_data_in_buffer+select to wait for the frames to be consumed.  However, it is not easy to this for rpc like calls such as login/channel_open, because they call send+wait inside the function.  there is no way to insert the select() between the send_method and wait_frame().


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> This may not solve your exact problem but it may help

You can pull the 
> socket out of rabbitmq-c with
and then you can 
> query

If amqp_data_in_buffer returns true, then 
> the next read will return a
packet from inside it's internal buffer, and not 
> check the network
If it returns false, select on the sockfd from 
> amqp_get_sockfd to see
if there is data to be retrieved.

Only then 
> call a possibly blocking function.



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