[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-server and stomp on debian

Nick Richardson nick at blitware.com
Fri Jun 25 19:01:23 BST 2010


I am attempting to install rabbitmq-server and the Stomp adapter on a Debian
5.0 machine, and I cannot seem to get Stomp to compile.

Though outdated, this was the only tutorial I could find via Google:

Following its instructions, I have installed rabbitmq-server successfully
via dpkg/apt-get.  I then checked out the rabbitmq-stomp code into the
folder /usr/lib/erlang/lib/ (again, as per instructions).  This is where
everything begins to fall apart :)

After checking out the rabbitmq-stomp code, I am to change dir into
/usr/lib/erlang/lib/rabbitmq-stomp and execute this:

make RABBIT_SERVER_SOURCE_ROOT=../rabbitmq_server-1.x.x all

It seems the rabbitmq-server source code should be located in
/usr/lib/erlang/lib/rabbitmq_server-x.x.x, buuut it's not.  Instead, it has
been placed in the directory /usr/lib/rabbitmq/lib/rabbitmq_server-1.8.0/.
 "No biggie, I will just specify that dir instead" I figured.  However, I'm
now met with this error:

RabbitMQ1:/usr/lib/erlang/lib/rabbitmq-stomp# make
Makefile:10: ../include.mk: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `../include.mk'.  Stop.

I should note that I can set RABBIT_SERVER_SOURCE_ROOT to anything and I'm
met with the same error.

I have used "locate" to find include.mk, but I don't have a file of that
name on my system at all.

Has anyone else encountered this headache?  My only goal here is to get
rabbitmq-server running with the Stomp adapter on a Debian 5 system.  How do
I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,
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