[rabbitmq-discuss] externally creating authorized users?

Russell Borogove russell at borogove.org
Thu Jun 10 02:27:47 BST 2010

I'm building a client-server system that provides a number of services. Most of the services are provided via web2py web apps, but I also need messaging via rabbitmq.

We're doing the authentication on the web app side, and I think what I want to do is have the web app side remotely add a user to the rabbitmq server when a client is authenticated ("Hey, some dude wants to use the chat system. He's cool, let him in. He'll be using this name/password."). However, the web app will normally be running in a restricted environment like Google App Engine, where it can only make http requests to the outside world. 

Are there any good ways of handling a situation like this? I can certainly rig up something that runs alongside the rabbit server, polls the web app for new users, and launches rabbitmqctl to make the introductions, but it seems inelegant.

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