[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmqctl often hangs at the end of a query, e.g., list_queues, for a good 60 seconds or more (Windows 7)

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Jan 28 10:34:49 GMT 2010


John Apps wrote:
>     And what rabbitmqctl command were you trying to run? list_queues (as
>     per the subject line)? If so, how many queues did you have at the time?
>  >>>Any command, including no command

So sometimes just running 'rabbitmqctl', with no args, displays the help 
message and then hangs for 60s+ before terminating?

How easy is it to reproduce this behaviour?

>      >>>As I said, not a bug per se, just annoying

It is certainly very strange behaviour, and not something we have ever 
seen before.

Btw, is the machine running Windows natively or virtualised?

Do you have a second machine on which to repeat the experiment?

>      >>>This is the rabbitmqctl.bat that I am using. It is what the kit
>     installed, no modifications by me.

ok. Do you by any chance have %RABBITMQ_CTL_ERL_ARGS% set to anything? 
Or any other %RABBITMQ_*% env vars? Your previous post 
indicates that at the very least you must have set %RABBITMQ_NODENAME%, 
since the status report is for a node other than 'rabbit'.

Also, do you really get a whole bunch of "PROGRESS REPORT" messages when 
running rabbitmqctl, as indicated by that post?



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