[rabbitmq-discuss] Java Client library : RPCClient throws nullpointerexception

Reddy, Rajesh (GPT EMEA) rajesh.reddy at baml.com
Mon Jan 11 16:56:15 GMT 2010

> Hi
> Iam getting the following EOF Exception when trying to cal the
> mapcall() on Rpcclient in java library. This is the same exception I
> get if trying to create a new instance of JsonRpcClient.
> Similar call() in .net library works. Iam basically using the same
> example as in .net. There are no examples for java libraray.
> Consumer com.rabbitmq.client.RpcClient$1 at 1ae9aaa method handleDelivery
> for channel
> AMQChannel(amqp://guest@GBWMAPPROPC01.emea.win.ml.com:5672/,1) threw
> an exception:
> java.lang.NullPointerException
> 	at
> com.rabbitmq.client.RpcClient$1.handleDelivery(RpcClient.java:153)
> 	at
> com.rabbitmq.client.impl.ChannelN.processAsync(ChannelN.java:223)
> 	at
> com.rabbitmq.client.impl.AMQChannel.handleCompleteInboundCommand(AMQCh
> annel.java:159)
> 	at
> com.rabbitmq.client.impl.AMQChannel.handleFrame(AMQChannel.java:110)
> 	at
> com.rabbitmq.client.impl.AMQConnection$MainLoop.run(AMQConnection.java
> :456)
> Following is the sample code which is raising the exception
	Connection _conn =
	Channel _channel= _conn.createChannel();

	RpcClient _rpcClient = 
	            new RpcClient(_channel,"amq.direct","Admin");

	Map<String, Object> request = createRequest(requestType);

	// this line throws the exception
	Map<String, Object> reply = _rpcClient.mapCall(request); 

> Thanks
> Rajesh

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