[rabbitmq-discuss] running rabbitmq on a laptop

Matthew Sackman matthew at lshift.net
Sun Jan 10 13:07:14 GMT 2010

On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 12:55:17PM +0000, Matthew Sackman wrote:
> I've just spotted a bug in the way we process the env vars which I'll
> fix either later today or tomorrow. I don't think this bug existed in
> 1.7.0. You should be able to set NODENAME and NODE_IP_ADDRESS in
> /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.conf or in the env, but I can see that that's
> currently broken.

Actually, although that is broken, that only refers to putting
NODE_IP_ADDRESS in /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.conf. Setting
RABBITMQ_NODE_IP_ADDRESS= in the env really does work just

And both NODENAME=foo in rabbitmq.conf and RABBITMQ_NODENAME=foo in the
env both work fine.


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