[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbit-MQ crashing

Matthew Sackman matthew at lshift.net
Wed Jan 6 11:48:07 GMT 2010

Hi Steve,

On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 09:05:55AM -0800, Steve Conover wrote:
> We're experiencing this problem as well.  Just from reading the list
> it seems that the new persister stuff committed around 12/1 is
> supposed to fix it.
> I'm curious:
> - has this bug indeed been fixed?
> - is the code somewhere past bleeding edge?  Would you consider it to be stable?
> - please excuse my ignorance, but is there any bug or ticket url that
> I can follow to keep track of the fix / when it's been released / etc
> ?

The new persister is available only from our mercurial repository at

You should be on branch bug21673

The code there is a substantial reworking of Rabbit's persister layer -
about a third of the code is different from that released in 1.7.0.
Several people on this list are using bug21673 successfully, but do from
time to time report bugs (which are usually fixed within a matter of

Several of my blog posts and presentations that I've given on the new
persister cover the various issues of the current persister that we're
working to solve. Start at
http://www.lshift.net/blog/category/lshift-sw/rabbitmq and look at the
posts by me (not to say the others aren't interesting, just that they
don't cover the new persister!).

We don't really consider anything to be "stable". 1.5.4 was, IIRC,
marked "stable", but I think that's the only release we've ever
indicated as such. 1.7.0 is not marked "stable" because quite a lot of
code changed between 1.6.1 and 1.7.0. However, in reality, I don't know
if anyone has come across any bugs at all in 1.7.0 (which isn't to say
that we haven't, only to say that these bugs haven't been spotted by

Some of the code in bug21673 has been through QA, some of it hasn't. In
reality, that code isn't going to appear in a stable release for some
months, but if you're aware of the risks and are happy to accomodate
them then you may well find bug21673 to be good enough for your
purposes. However, if/when it breaks, you get to keep all the pieces,
and we don't restrain ourselves from introducing changes which mean that
it will crash on startup if you don't nuke out your existing database.
We do however, very much welcome bug reports.

I hope that's of some use.


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