[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang Client Example Code

Glenn Rempe glenn at rempe.us
Sat Feb 27 21:50:17 GMT 2010

>> On second glance here a few more comments:
>> - In analogy to amqp_connection:close/1, there is also the shorter
>> amqp_channel:close/1 as well;
>> - It doesn't seem like you need to declare a specific queue name - you
>> could potentially use a server generated queue name if you'd like;
> I'll look at making those changes.

I made those changes Ben.  Thanks.


>> ... I'm not sure that the code verbosity introduced by the
>> log statements is a good thing. You may want to ask on the list what
>> the intention of the amqp_dbg module is;

I took a look at the amqp_dbq module in the client test dir.
Unfortunately, I'm not clear how I would make use of that module and
I've found no mention of it in my search of the mailing list (Google
finds only a single result which is the commit message).

Can someone enlighten me? :-)

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