[rabbitmq-discuss] Queue durability

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Feb 26 23:17:34 GMT 2010


tsuraan wrote:
> Is the 21673 queue storage supposed to be durable?

Yes, for queues marked as durable and messages contained in them that 
are marked as persistent.

> I've had systems run out of memory, invoke the OOM-killer, and nuke
> Rabbit a few times.

Do you know why your systems are running out of memory? It certainly 
shouldn't be due to rabbit, if you have the memory thresholds configured 

> At some point (possibly with code up to a few weeks old), I lost the
> existence of a queue.  Has this been a known issue in the past few
> weeks, or is it a known issue that rabbit isn't nuke-proof?

It should be pretty nuke proof. Matthew may be able to elaborate once 
he's back from holiday next week.

You certainly shouldn't be losing entire queues, and if you do I would 
at the very least expect there to be some errors in the logs. Is there 
nothing of interest in the rabbit.log and rabbit-sasl.log?



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