[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang Client Example Code

Glenn Rempe glenn at rempe.us
Thu Feb 25 05:26:19 GMT 2010

As I am busy learning the ins and outs of Erlang I wanted to make
direct connections between an Erlang Yaws Websockets program I am
developing and RabbitMQ.

As part of my (steep!) learning process I updated the
rabbitmq-erlang-code-examples project done by 'careo' on GitHub to
compile and work against the latest RabbitMQ and RabbitMQ Erlang
Client code. The examples now also include use of the 'direct client'
(which was really only a one line change).

Vlad thought this might be useful to others and recommended that I
post here.  I hope my fork of his example code is of use to others
trying to get the Erlang client working as I had a tough time finding
sample code to learn from that worked with the latest hg versions of
both the client and RabbitMQ.

Of course if you have any improvements please feel free to fork and
issue a GitHub pull request and I'll be happy to include
enhancements/fixes.  Suggestions for better ways to do things that
will help me learn are appreciated.

My fork of the sample code can be found here:


FYI, I've issued a pull request to merge this into 'careo's repository
as he did the vast majority of the work on this and deserves most of
the credit. You can find his original repo here, which may at some
point include my changes if he decides to merge them in.




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