[rabbitmq-discuss] ? about rabbitmq 1.7.1 and 7-byte frame headers

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Tue Feb 16 06:04:32 GMT 2010


james anderson wrote:
> a recently built rabbitmq server server indicates - even to the level  
> of the response server properties, that it implements "amqp 8-0", but
> a. if one connects with a 9-1 version token, it does not disconnect.  
> it proceeds to negotiate the connection.

That is expected behaviour for a 0-8 broker, at the least by some 
interpretations of the spec - if the client specifies a higher version 
number than supported by the server then negotiation proceeds with the 
server sending the version it supports.

NB: the correct protocol header for 0-9-1 is in fact AMQP 0-0-9-1, 
whereas for 0-8 it is AMQP 1-1-8-0, and for 0-9 it is AMQP 1-1-0-9. Yes, 
that is crazy.

> b. it does not use the 8-byte frame headers which appear in every  
> instance of the amqp0-8 specification the net had yielded, but rather  
> 7-byte headers that are specified for 9-1.

All implementations of 0-8 actually use a 7-byte header. Hence the 
correction in 0-9-1.



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