[rabbitmq-discuss] ? about rabbitmq 1.7.1 and 7-byte frame headers

james anderson james.anderson at setf.de
Tue Feb 16 01:58:08 GMT 2010

good morning;

a recently built rabbitmq server server indicates - even to the level  
of the response server properties, that it implements "amqp 8-0", but
a. if one connects with a 9-1 version token, it does not disconnect.  
it proceeds to negotiate the connection.
b. it does not use the 8-byte frame headers which appear in every  
instance of the amqp0-8 specification the net had yielded, but rather  
7-byte headers that are specified for 9-1.

neither a scan of the mailing list, nor anything the net could say  
about amqp and errata, of r9.1 v/s r8.0, or ... shed any light on this.
the code in the client frame class suggests that this is somehow the  
way things are supposed to be, but the question remains: why?
does this imply that the r8-0 specification is useful as a dictionary  
for classes/methods/fields, but otherwise obsolete?


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