[rabbitmq-discuss] new persiter hangs while consuming messages from multiple queues

alex chen chen650 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 9 03:30:52 GMT 2010


We are testing the new persister (bug21637).  It hangs for the following test case:

1) create 5 persistent queues, each queue bind to a different topic.
2) without consumer running, publish 20000 messages to each queue.
each message has size 20KB.
   the list_queues command shows each queue has 20000 messages in it.
3) start 5 consumers.  each consumer consumes messages from one queue.
  after consuming some messages, broker hangs (not responding to list_queues).

this bug happens when publisher does not use tx_commit.
if publisher calls tx_commit for each message, then there is no problem.
if publisher calls tx_select, then basic_publish 100 messages, then tx_commit, the broker may also hang.

Is this a known problem or i am missing something?



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