[rabbitmq-discuss] connecting to multiple rabbitmq servers (point-multipoint)

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat Feb 6 21:38:24 GMT 2010


Guillem Corominas wrote:
> when I start consuming from a second producer, it works well during a
> small period of time (about 2h) and then suddenly stops consuming the
> data from the producers (stops both at the same time) and queues
> start to fill.
> I supose it's a problem with the connection & or channel but there is
>  nothing on the logs (neither in the java client nor in the
> rabbitmq).

I suggest you do a 'rabbitmqctl list_connections peer_address peer_port
state channels send_pend' on all the brokers to check that you have the
connections and number of channels you expect to see and that there
is no send backlog (that's what the send_pend count

> If I then try to perform a basicCancel to any of my consumer
> instances, the call becomes blocked and never returns a response
> neither an error.

Getting a stack trace of all the Java threads at that point might
provide some clues as to why things are stuck.

> I have one open connection and one open channel per producer, however
> I have 3 consumers that consume different kinds of message (topic 
> dependent) that share the Channel. Can this be the problem?

That's perfectly ok.



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