[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitHub: Binding a queue to an exchange

Oliver Senn sennol at student.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 3 21:15:31 GMT 2010

Thanks for the hint, Michael.

The principle of subscribing a queue to an exchange makes sense in 
my opinion and so I tried it but it didn't work. The problem seems 
to be the verification ('hub.verify'):
1) if left away      -> 400 Missing required parameter
2) if set to 'sync'  -> 400 Request verification failed
3) if set to 'async' -> 202 but the binding never shows up (checked
    with 'sudo rabbitmqctl list_bindings'

I am directing the POST to
hub.callback equal to
hub.topic equal to

Any idea what's wrong?


Michael Bridgen wrote:
  > As I understand it, you subscribe the queue's endpoint facet 
> like ../rabbithub/endpoint/q/some_queue_name) to the exchange's 
> subscription facet (something like /rabbithub/subscribe/x/some_queue_name).
> In other words, you POST to the latter, with hub.callback set to the 
> former and hub.mode "subscribe" (and hub.topic as the binding key), as 
> in 
> http://pubsubhubbub.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/pubsubhubbub-core-0.2.html#anchor5
> RabbitHub is smart enough to recognise that the URLs are an exchange and 
> a queue that it controls, and will create a normal AMQP binding.  You 
> can subscribe exchanges and queues in other combinations, but it won't 
> correspond to an AMQP binding -- in these cases RabbitHub will make 
> Other Arrangements.
> Michael

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