[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitHub: Binding a queue to an exchange

Michael Bridgen mikeb at lshift.net
Wed Feb 3 12:44:14 GMT 2010

> How do I bind a queue to an exchange? From the example scripts 
> provided with RabbitHub it is clear how to declare exchanges and 
> queues but not how to bind them together...

As I understand it, you subscribe the queue's endpoint facet (something 
like ../rabbithub/endpoint/q/some_queue_name) to the exchange's 
subscription facet (something like /rabbithub/subscribe/x/some_queue_name).

In other words, you POST to the latter, with hub.callback set to the 
former and hub.mode "subscribe" (and hub.topic as the binding key), as 

RabbitHub is smart enough to recognise that the URLs are an exchange and 
a queue that it controls, and will create a normal AMQP binding.  You 
can subscribe exchanges and queues in other combinations, but it won't 
correspond to an AMQP binding -- in these cases RabbitHub will make 
Other Arrangements.


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