[rabbitmq-discuss] Best Practice - Implementing a Consumer (subscriber)

Jerry Seiler jerry at earthkicks.com
Wed Dec 29 15:47:41 GMT 2010

I'm looking for some best practices for implementing a high level consumer, 
say a notification broker.

Say, for instance -

The notification broker is subscribed to a queue, reads messages off of the 
queue and does work to determine how the message content is formatted (based 
on message type), who the message should be routed to (a person) and by what 
means the message is routed (email, sms, tweet, etc).

Ideally, to provide some scalability, several instances of the broker would 
be running in parallel in some sort of load balanced manner, all reading off 
of the same queue.

The broker would be running on a pool of application servers or IIS servers. 
either or, but not both.

What is the recommend implementation of the broker? A window's service, an 
application running under IIS, some other WCF/WAS implementation?

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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