[rabbitmq-discuss] Best Practices for Async RPC

Marcus Vinitius Baffa mbaffa at opus.com.br
Fri Dec 3 19:42:36 GMT 2010



I am new to RabbitMQ and I have just downloaded it.  


I have a Flex/AIR application that have C# services and I would like to
use RabbitMQ to allow services and Flex client to communicate.  Flex
calls its services in an async manner. I intend to use as3-amqp to talk
to RabbitMQ.


The basic workflow would be, I suppose:


-          Flex adds a message to a queue that has an id of the service
and its parameters;

-          A .NET server would pick the message, execute the service and
return the response to Flex;


I have already developed a small client/server example but the caller is
synchronous, in Flex all must happen in a async way. 


I have read some articles and .NET documentation.  I would like to ask
you what could be the best practices to work with RabbitMQ in an
environment like that. 


Thanks in advance


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