[rabbitmq-discuss] Upgrade issues - 541 - bad_return_value - amqqueue

Sebastian Latza mail at sebastian-latza.de
Fri Aug 13 10:12:08 BST 2010

> The error is symptomatic of a schema mismatch.
> An upgrade of the server from 1.7.0 to 1.8.x should automatically move
> Rabbit's database to a backup location and start with a fresh one, since the
> schema changed between these versions. So I do not understand how any vhosts
> (or other data) can have survived the upgrade.

I think that happened because we changed the default directory for the
persister log and mnesia and somehow ended up using the old files.

> You may want to try resetting the db with
>  rabbitmqctl stop_app
>  rabbitmqctl reset
>  rabbitmqctl start_app

That helped :) Thanks for the clarification, when I encountered the
error I was suspecting something like a version mismatch in terms of
the used library, but this makes sense.


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