[rabbitmq-discuss] No period allowed in queue name in rabbit 1.8.0?

Iver Odin Kvello iver at mupublishing.com
Wed Aug 11 13:10:07 BST 2010

Nicolás César <nico at ...> writes:

>     (class_id, method_id))amqplib.client_0_8.exceptions.AMQPChannelException:
(404, u"NOT_FOUND - no queue 'st.test-o.com_q' in vhost '/'", (50, 10),
'Channel.queue_declare')----------------------I've changed st.test-o.com_q  to 
st_test-o_com_q and had no problem... periods are not allowed in queue names
now? Nico Césarhttp://blog.nicocesar.com

We just had the same problem, which apparently was due to having some residues
of the old (durable) queues from the previous install present; in particular,
when using

   rabbitmqctl list_bindings

the old queues were visible, whereas 

   rabbitmqctl list_queues

showed no queues present. It was then possible to declare new queues, but not
queues with the same name as the ones that existed before.

The problem was fixable by 
   rabbitmqctl stop_app
   rabbitmqctl reset
   rabbitmqctl start_app

after which the old bindings were gone and the queueus could be declared again.

Iver Odin Kvello

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