[rabbitmq-discuss] Silverlight application with RabbitMQ

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Fri Apr 30 01:33:08 BST 2010

Hi Jens,

Aernouts Jens wrote:
> @ Tony: About STOMP: how can our client send a content-length header to
> the server? We can use the content-length header at our client, but not
> at the server I think... Can you give some more info about this please?

So the STOMP protocol, http://stomp.codehaus.org/Protocol, says this on the

  "It is recommended that SEND frames include a content-length header which
   is a byte count for the length of the message body. If a content-length
   header is included, this number of bytes should be read, regardless of
   whether or not there are null characters in the body. The frame still needs
   to be terminated with a null byte and if a content-length is not specified,
   the first null byte encountered signals the end of the frame."

(MESSAGE frames have a very similar paragraph in their description.)

The RabbitMQ STOMP server plugin pays attention to this content-length header.
It also *always* supplies a content-length header on MESSAGE whenever the
message body is non-empty.

> I'm currently compiling the client project against the Silverlight
> runtime, and it seems to work. At this moment, I just rewrote the things
> we really need (this needs to be fixed as fast as possible), but I'm
> going to fix the other problems too.

Hey this is excellent news! Will you be able to send us a patch?

> What should I do to compile it with the right PublicKeyToken and the
> right version Number?

I think you might need our key for that. (Which clearly isn't an option :-) ) I
suspect you will have to recompile the DLLs you have that depend on the
RabbitMQ client to have less strict dependencies. I'm afraid I'm not an expert
on the vagaries of .NET linking, though :-/


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