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Aernouts Jens aernouts_jens at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 27 08:55:19 BST 2010


We want to write a Silverlight client that can communicate with RabbitMQ. The problem is that the RabbitMQ .NET client assembly doesn't work in a Silverlight environment. Silverlight is a another runtime, which is mostly compatible with .NET, but is just a subset.

We tried different approaches to find a good solution, but none of them works:

- Tried to compile the .NET client code against the Silverlight runtime. When we try that, we get some errors because there are some missing classes in Silverlight like TcpClient, XmlDocument, ArrayList, .

- Used Kaazing (http://www.kaazing.com/), a gateway to use Sockets with different languages (Silverlight, JavaScript, .). The problem here is that Kaazing only works with version 0.9.0 or 0.9.1 of the AMQP protocol, but RabbitMQ is only available with version 0.8.0.

- Tried the STOMP plug-in, because there is a (working) Silverlight client for STOMP. Sending of text works, but we have to send binary data (Protobuf serialized). This does not work, the received data is wrong (both the content as the length). We're not sure if it's the RabbitMQ STOMP plugin or the STOMP client that's doing something wrong with binary data. Is there someone who already managed to send binary data over STOMP?

We also have in mind two other possible approaches:

- Build a web service between the Silverlight client and RabbitMQ. But we want to avoid polling as this would decrease the responsiveness. This is why we want to connect straight to RabbitMQ from the Silverlight client.

- Get the RabbitMQ client Project to compile against the Silverlight runtime. This is not undoable, but requires some work. Would someone be interested in a Silverlight version of the RabbitMQ client?

Now we have some questions:

- Is there any other possible way to get a good communication between a Silverlight application and RabbitMQ?

- Is there a way to resolve the problems mentioned above?

Kind Regards

Jens Aernouts - Student Bachelor of Applied Engineering @ Artesis University College of Antwerp 
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