[rabbitmq-discuss] php_rabbitmq & Windows

David Wragg david.wragg at lshift.net
Tue Apr 20 23:55:52 BST 2010

Hi Pieter,

Like you, both myself and Marek would be delighted if someone in the
RabbitMQ community is able to help Alexandre.

I'm sorry if our responses came across as unhelpful.  I don't think it
was clear whether Alexandre's request was directed at the RabbitMQ
team, or the community.  In that context, we were just trying to
clarify the status of the C library and the PHP library.

While many peoeple have found rabbitmq-c to be useful, we know it has
some deficiencies, such as the difficulties of compiling it under
Windows.  We may get around to addressing this ourselves at some
point, but we'd be very happy to see someone from the community tackle
it if they are interested.


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