[rabbitmq-discuss] Steady performance degradation

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat Sep 26 05:07:10 BST 2009


Philippe Kirsanov wrote:
> I'm quite sure it is client code, but I was thinking it is Java lib. My
> code don't do anything right now - just receives a message and
> calculates statistics (2 variable, no arrays).
> If you're sure it's not Java lib I'll keep looking.

I can't be sure of anything, given that I haven't seen the complete 
code. But the order of suspects is: the application code, the 
system/network setup, the Java client lib, the server.

> I noticed that in example you create connection for every
> consumer/producer.
> I'm using just one connection and different channels for every consumer.
> I read somewhere that it's best practice to have one connection/multiple
> channels per server. Is this true or it's better to have separate
> connection for every channel? This might result in lots of connection to
> broker.

If client or server resource consumption is a concern, then few 
connections & lots of channels per connection is preferable to lots of 
connections & few channels per connection  If, OTOH, resources are 
plentiful and you want to maximise performance then the decision is 



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