[rabbitmq-discuss] Steady performance degradation

Philippe Kirsanov pkirsanov at 38studios.com
Fri Sep 25 22:52:23 BST 2009

I'm quite sure it is client code, but I was thinking it is Java lib. My
code don't do anything right now - just receives a message and
calculates statistics (2 variable, no arrays).
If you're sure it's not Java lib I'll keep looking. Strange thing is
that no recourse exhaustion of any kind, just fewer packets arrived to
client. My measure is between basicPublish and handleDelivery, with no
my code involvement at all.
Thanks for your help.

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Philippe Kirsanov wrote:
> The jar includes all dependencies.
> I can't send source code, only jar. But this is a code:

The code looks fine. And there is no slowdown when running code very 
similar to this, e.g. try the MulticastMain example that ships with the 
Java client and set the rate with "-r 500".

So I strongly suspect the problem is somewhere in the client code, which

is going to be difficult for us to track down if a) we can't see it, or 
b) it's tangled up in a bigger code base with non-obvious control flow.



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