[rabbitmq-discuss] Steady performance degradation

Philippe Kirsanov pkirsanov at 38studios.com
Fri Sep 25 20:00:50 BST 2009

I was running some tests against RabbitMQ (1.6 on Linux)

One of the test was to run steady load (about 500 messages per second)
over long period of time.

My client is using Java library.

I noticed that performance steadily going down to 100-200 messages/sec,
resetting client (kill/start process) restores performance.

I don't see any issues with either disk io, memory or CPU - it is all
stays same all the time on client, only client accepts less and less

I'm using basicConsume with QoS 10 messages.


Switching between Linux and Windows don't change anything.


Is it known issue?

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