[rabbitmq-discuss] broker goes down after many new connections started

Brian Whitman brian at echonest.com
Sat Sep 19 20:29:55 BST 2009

Matthias -- it appears to have been the fd count -- there was 1024, we upped
it to 16384, and things have been stable since.Thanks

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 8:28 AM, Matthias Radestock <matthias at lshift.net>wrote:

> Brian,
> Brian Whitman wrote:
>> We have a series of machines that we boot at once that all consume and
>> produce messages on about 20 different queues all to the same broker. The
>> broker has been terminating when these machines boot recently.
> The errors are indicating that rabbit is running out of file descriptors.
> Either your clients are misbehaving and opening lots of connections when
> they shouldn't (or perhaps they are not closing them properly), or the fd
> limit set by the OS is too low.
> Regards,
> Matthias.
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