[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang has closed

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Sep 18 18:24:00 BST 2009


tsuraan wrote:
> Is the sasl log in any way related to the simple authentication and
> security layer?  I had assumed it was logs for secured connections to
> rabbit, but now I'm beginning to suspect it's something else...

SASL stands for OTP's "System Architecture and Support Libraries".

The rabbit-sasl.log contains log entries generated by Erlang/OTP, 
whereas the rabbit.log contains log entries generated by the rabbit app.

> From my POV, losing the messages in a queue is a pain;
> it's not a total catastrophe, but it would be cool if queue contents
> could be recovered after a process crash.

Queue process crashes should be very rare. If you do see them happening 
please report them.

Being able to recover persisted messages from crashed durable queues 
would indeed be desirable and is something we are looking into. Given 
that such crashes are considered severe and unsual events though, and 
the queue is basically in a completely unknown state at that point, I am 
reluctant to make such recovery automatic - some operator intervention 
is probably desirable.



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