[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang has closed

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Sep 18 06:11:21 BST 2009


tsuraan wrote:
> I think what's happening is that the os_mon:call (from cpu_sup:avg1())
> is errorring out somehow, so its return value is { error, _ } instead
> of a number.  In the local_load function of rabbit_load.erl, where you
> currently have
> _Other -> cpu_sup:avg1()
> it should probably be
> _Other ->
>   case cpu_sup:avg1() of
>     { error, _ } -> 0.0;
>     Value -> Value
>   end

Well spotted. It should be 'infinity' instead of 0.0 though, and we 
shouldn't ignore the error if it is something other than timeout.

I have committed a fix which, subject to qa, will make it into the next 

(Btw, the reason for the timeout is that even though the cpu_sup 
gen_server:call has a timeout of infinity, internally there is a 
measurement_server_call with a timeout of 5s, which presumably gets 
triggered under heavy load).



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