[rabbitmq-discuss] Errors Running on Win 2008 as a service

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Tue Oct 20 06:44:35 BST 2009


Allen Jones wrote:
> I am running RMQ 1.6 as a Windows Service on Windows Server 2008 sp1. 
> Generally things are fine, but there have been a few instances where the 
> service just stops/crashes. The debug info for one recent crash is 
> pasted below. Looks like some kind of memory allocation problem, but it 
> doesn't seem to be happening necessarily when the exchange is under the 
> highest usage/demand, or when the queues are at the largest. 
> [...]
> binary_alloc: Cannot allocate 319762309 bytes of memory (of type "binary"). 
> [...]
> Having a look around, I noticed that the rabbit_persister.log file was 
> about this size, so I am assuming the two are related. 

It looks like the amount of message data you are asking RabbitMQ to hold 
on to exceeds the available memory.

I recommend running 'rabbitmqctl list_queues' to check on how many 
messages you have in the queues.



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