[rabbitmq-discuss] What does "beta" mean for RabbitMQ?

Uwe Kubosch uwe at datek.no
Sun Oct 18 22:00:28 BST 2009

Hi all!

Here are a few FAQs for you:

Why are all the releases of RabiitMQ "beta"?

What does "beta" mean in this context?

Should I NOT use RabbitMQ in a production environment?

What are the criteria for a "final" release of RabbitMQ?

Feel free to answer directly or post a link  :)  I have read the FAQs  
and other documentation, and RabbitMQ seems mature from user reports,  
but the official status of "beta" bothers me, and I am struggling to  
understand what it means.

Any reply is appreciated.

With kind regards,
Uwe Kubosch
Datek Wireless AS

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