[rabbitmq-discuss] dropped messages

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri May 22 16:12:16 BST 2009


smittycb10 wrote:
> I am still having problems, when I run the client program on the server I am
> getting the same degraded numbers as when run across the network. Some
> details:
> I am publishing about 4000 message per second to a direct exchange via the
> .NET client, however I am only receiving about 10% of these messages on the
> client subscription side.
 > [...]
>  m_RabbitChannel.BasicPublish("quotes", "quotes", true, true,
> m_RabbitProperties, packet);

Why are you setting mandatory=true and immediate=true? The latter means 
the server will return messages unless it can *immediately* send them on 
to a client, i.e. it will never enqueue the messages.

Also, don't set mandatory=true unless you have to - it degrades performance.



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