[rabbitmq-discuss] Fanout exchange not playing ball?

Tim Perrett tperrett at googlemail.com
Mon May 18 23:00:46 BST 2009

Thanks Richard - that was just the ticket.

There does not appear to be a great deal of examples on this anywhere
- is this the case or am I just being amazingly slow? ;-)

Cheers, Tim

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 10:31 PM, Rich Kim <rich.kim at db.com> wrote:
> Taking a stab at this one, but have you setup your two listening clients
> with separate queue names? When using a fanout exchange and binding queues
> to the exchange, when you attach the second listener to the exchange, the
> queue name is already found, and therefore performs a NOOP. Both listeners
> share the same queue name, and thereafter begin round-robin like behavior.
> Create two listeners with distinct queue names, and you should see your
> expected behavior.
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> [rabbitmq-discuss] Fanout exchange not playing ball?
> Hey guys,
> I've setup a fanout exchange and my expectation does not match the
> output... My expectation was that using a fanout exchange all
> listening clients would get all messages - however this doesn't appear
> to be the case. I started two separate instances of the same
> application and run the listeners - I then publish a message into the
> exchange, and it appears that App1 gets a message, then App2 gets
> nothing. I send another message into the queue and then App2 gets the
> message but not App1 - im a little lost how this could happen?
> My creation code looks like:
>    val ticket = channel.accessRequest("/data")
>    channel.exchangeDeclare(ticket, "mult", "topic")
>    channel.queueDeclare(ticket, "mult_queue")
>    channel.queueBind(ticket, "mult_queue", "mult", "example.*")
>    channel.basicConsume(ticket, "mult_queue", false, new
> SerializedConsumer(channel, this))
> Any ideas / suggestions?
> Cheers, Tim
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