[rabbitmq-discuss] New rabbit access control in tip?

Eric Windisch eric at grokthis.net
Fri May 15 01:08:46 BST 2009

On May 14, 2009, at 7:19 PM, Aaron Feng wrote:
> Is this what you are looking for?
> https://dev.rabbitmq.com/wiki/AccessControlDesign

Yes and no.  This basically reconfirms everything that I already  
determined, even though this is not yet in sync with the actual code.   
However, what is most important is not covered by this document: the  
definition/syntax of the ConfigurationPermission and  
MessagingPermission arguments.   Until that is documented, tip is  
unusable.  Thats fine, though, it is tip after all.   Personally, I'd  
like to figure out how the new permissions systems will work as I have  
a special interest in that area and I'm even looking at fine-tuning  
permissions beyond those suggested by the AccessControlDesign document.

I understand it is a work in progress, so I've no problems with  
sitting tight for now, I just hope that more documentation will be  
available soon.

Eric Windisch
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