[rabbitmq-discuss] How do I inspect the queue

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat May 9 10:24:40 BST 2009


Reddy, Rajesh (GPT EMEA) wrote:
> Also, iam declaring a queue as follows,
> Passive = false
> Durable = false
> Exclusive = true
> Autodelete = true
> Nowait = true
> This would create a non durable and auto delete queue. I can inspect
> using rabbitmqctl list_queues, but it only gives me durable and
> autodelete and not the other items related to declare queue.

'passive' and 'nowait' affect the behaviour of the queue.declare 
*operation*. They are not properties of queues, so it would not make 
sense to return them from list_queues.

> Also, what is exclusive used for.

You can find an explanation of all the queue.declare parameters in the 
spec xml. See 
(I am linking to the 0-9-1 spec here rather than 0-8 because the 
explanation there is much clearer).

> I my case the client creates queue just once and then waits on a
> callback for any messages on that queue. So if a queue is deleted then
> the client will be just sitting there waiting for a message without
> knowing that the queue no longer exists.

Correct; consumers do not get notified when a queue disappears. This has 
come up in discussion before. It would be a nice feature to have.



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