[rabbitmq-discuss] exchanges and message processing

Joe Williams joe at joetify.com
Wed May 6 00:25:15 BST 2009

This is in relation to a thread I started on the ruby-amqp list:


My question is regarding exchanges, queues and dealing with messages 
that I would like to get processed only once. I am sending messages 
containing json and would like to use a field from the json as the 
routing key to alleviate needing to do numerous case statements in my 
code. It seems that fanout and direct exchanges would not work since 
they have possibility of having messages getting processed more than 
once by different consumers. The responder on the ruby-amqp list 
mentioned a shared queue that is in the 091 spec. But this seems to put 
me back at using a long case statement.

In an ideal situation I would have multiple consumers (written without 
epic case statements) and messages that get consumed once and only once.

Any suggestions on how to go about doing something like this?



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