[rabbitmq-discuss] txAMQP with RabbitMQ Cluster

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Wed Mar 18 22:39:39 GMT 2009

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Clemesha <clemesha at gmail.com> writes:

Hi Alex

With respect to your second issue:

Alex> Secondly, and this is where I'm a bit more lost (i.e, the problem may
Alex> or may not lie in the client), can txAMQP handle redirects from
Alex> brokers?  Here is my situation: I have a Rabbit cluster going on ec2
Alex> (see this thread [2]), and right now I'm only connecting to the
Alex> Cluster from another ec2 instance in the same Availability Zone
Alex> (LAN).

Alex> The interesting behavior is this: producing and consuming through the
Alex> Cluster node that I performed the "rabbitmqctl {stop_app, reset,
Alex> cluster nodeA nodeB, start_app}" on *works*.  Trying to connect to
Alex> the *other* cluster node results (in /var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit.log)
Alex> *redirect* messages like so:

Alex> =INFO REPORT==== 18-Mar-2009::21:15:49 ===
Alex> connection <0.804.0> redirecting to
Alex> <<"domU-12-31-39-00-A1-E3.compute-1.internal:5672">>

Alex> and at this point my txAMQP producer client just "hangs", i.e. it
Alex> does not successfully send its message.

Is your client using the internal IP address of the broker server? I.e.,
the one you fetch as the private DNS entry from when the instance starts up.


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