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Luis Da Silva luis.dasilva007 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 11:54:13 GMT 2009

Hi Tony,

Let me explain it better.
I have to handle requests to TCP/IP servers using different protocols
(stateful), the idea is to use a common pool of workers (consumers) to where
distribute those requests for further processing. Each consumer process
(finite state machine session) should handle all the subsequent
communication for the request received until coming back to idle state
(consumer released).

As far as I understand, RabbitMQ can act as the pool to distribute and route
messages to the right consumer process. Can this be handled by RabbitMQ? Any
example to share?


So RabbitMQ

2009/3/17 Tony Garnock-Jones <tonyg at lshift.net>eful

> Hi Luis,
> Luis Da Silva wrote:
> > Is it possible to implement stateful protocols using RabbitMQ (routing,
> > memory shared between states,...)?
> I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you talking about state
> synchronisation between applications -- a form of
> replication/object-caching?
> Regards,
>  Tony
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