[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ team in California soon and will be in San Francisco w/c 5th April

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 15:21:20 GMT 2009

Dear list, and folks cc'd and bcc'd,

(Apologies if you get this twice..)

Tony and I will be visiting SF in the second week of April, probably
arriving Sunday night (April 5th).  I shall be leaving on Thursday
morning to catch a plane to LAX and then back to the UK but Tony will
be around until the end of the weekend.  Prior to being in SF we shall
visit SD and LA.  Our visit to SD is on 1-4 April and will include an
AMQP 1.0 'face to face' meeting with the AMQP Working Group -- more on
that in a later email.

It would be great if we could meet up with as many folks as possible
who want to talk about RabbitMQ.  If you are around please contact me,
or post to the list, and please spread the word on #rabbitmq.  If you
are not around please spread the word :-)

Our aim is to find time to sit down with people who are using RabbitMQ
and make sure their set-up is working as best it can, and how we can
make it better.  We also want to organiser some 'get togethers' ie.
talks, meals and beers.  We want to meet people who are interested in
messaging, no matter what your favourite language or protocol is.

The current plan is for us to do a Talk at BayFP on Wednesday 8th
April in the evening.  Thanks to Mike and Keith for this opportunity.
We'd like to present new work in messaging including thoughts on
things like HTTP pubsub, Comet, BOSH, XMPP, microblogging, ... and how
they relate to the existing AMQP broker.  Details to come.  I hope
this will be fun and we can all go for a beer afterwards.  Assuming
the BayFP talk is in downtown SF, that should allow anyone who wants
to come along to meet up.  Maybe we can go to the Thirsty Bear again.

If you would like to join us at the talk or afterwards, please contact
Mike and Keith (cc'd), and cc me.  Other than that we can meet up on
any day that any of us is around.  Just let me know.  It would be
great to see you.



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