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Andrius Norkaitis Andrius.Norkaitis at oryo.lt
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At web site there is such note:


Our goal is to streamline the broker installation process such that you can
have RabbitMQ up and running within two minutes of completing your download.
If this doesn't happen to you, please let us know at
legitimategrievance at rabbitmq.com


I had some problems to install and launch it on windows 2008 server (64bit),
but figured out, so I can share my experience:


1.       Because  erlang is 32bit app, it is installed by default to
C:\Program Files (x86). I had problems changing path in bat files (for
unknown reason it didn't found erl even if I specified other location), so
it was easier to reinstall it to C:\Program Files folder which is default.

2.       I installed rabbitmq as windows service and started it, but it
wasn't working because service was running as "Local System" account. I
changed to log on as "Network Service", but the problem persisted.

"Network Service" by default has not IO permissions to access windows
directory (needed for erlang.cookie) and your user account appdata directory
for storing logs and db. So I changed the bat script and specified another
dir and added permissions to this folder. Also you need to add permissions
for c:\windows catalog because when rabbitmq starts, it creates
.erlang.cookie there (haven't found a successful way to change this path).
After that, you could remove permissions from folder and add it only to that

3.       After I changed paths in bat file, it was using the old ones, so
finally I removed all "if ." and epically specified new paths.


if "%RABBITMQ_BASE%"=="" (




Changed to:


    set RABBITMQ_BASE=C:\Rabbit




4.       Rabbitmqctl won't work because rabbit is using cookie in c:\windows
and rabbitmqctl is looking for cookie at userdata folder. I tried to modify
bat to specify -setcookie c:\Windows, but that didn't worked for me, so the
easier way was to copy cookie file from windows dir to my user dir.



It would be great if someone better "bat" guru than me could tell how to do
this easier. Seems that rabbit isn't used heavily on production windows
servers J and there is not detail manual about this.




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I don't know regarding Windows 2008 64bit, but we use it on Windows 2003
64bit and it works just fine.

AFAIK, there is no official win64 build of the Erlang runtime. If you
install the 32bit runtime and use RabbitMQ it will work in 32bit without a



On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 11:29 PM, Andrius Norkaitis
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Is it ok to install complete-rabbitmq-bundle-1.5.3.zip
5.3.zip>  on win64 or should I look somewere for 64bit with compilation of
erlang or rabbitmq?




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